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  • Are you interested in becoming a VR/AR/MR game tester and getting paid for it ?
  • Do you enjoy or are you passionate about VR/AR/MR products?
  • Are you hip and up-to-date with gaming trends?
  • Do you want to help impact the VR/AR/MR community by giving feedback to publishers on their content?

If you answered YES,
to any of these questions,
We would love to work with you !

Being a part of The Beta Plan tester group:

You WILL be compensated!

Not all tests are the same. We will scale compensation rates depending on the type of project. So do more, get more.

You WILL be rated!

Our publishers get to rate you, not on positive/negative feedback, but on the quality of your feedback.

You CAN get first dibs on projects!

By having a good-standing feedback rating, you are able to get priority access to open projects.

What you need to

This application process will take approximately 20-30 minutes and has 3 parts: You need to complete all parts to apply as a tester.

  • 1. Your profile information

    This consists of a form with the standard profile information and NDA legal jargon.

  • 2. Asset Submission Overview

    Here we will show you a video on how our process for testing and submitting your assets goes. This will also show you what to do in your video, as far as what to talk about, how to "talk out loud" about what you are seeing/doing, and recording best practices.

  • 3. Time to Shine!

    Here you will conduct a run-through of everything shown thus far and submit for review.

  • You will receive a confirmation receipt of your upload and within 48 - 72 hours we will get back you regarding your status.

That's it!