Services Offered

why us ?

  • - Created by a team of developers and product specialists
  • - Our team consists of product, analytics, and process professionals
  • - We provide detailed analysis that will help you improve
  • - Testers use the same rubric guaranteeing consistent results
  • - We vet our videos for quality issues
  • - We are here to talk to you and answer any questions you may have
On demand
Concise Reporting & Analytics

What to Expect

  • Videos of Testing

    We provide you access to videos
    from your testers.

  • Analytics

    We provide you with comprehensive analytics
    based off your testers' feedback.

  • Results

    We will provide an outline of all responses to the questions provided.

  • Project Dashboard

    You get access to a project dashboard with all current and past projects. All data, analytics and feedback results can be accessed anytime.

  • Tester Ratings

    You get to rate the testers, in doing so guaranteeing only the best testers work on your projects.

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