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3 Reasons to Beta Test!

Whether talking about XReality games, apps, or experience, there are three main reasons to beta test any new product before it is released.  

Quality Control

The first, most important reason to beta test is because, in all likelihood, you don’t want to release a product that doesn’t work, right? Quality Control is the most important step in your product development process. This step enables testers to evaluate the product experience from a user’s perspective and provide developers with in depth feedback on bugs and usability.  Functional testing ensures all the features of your product are working as designed and performing as expected for target audiences. This, potentially, will make future players happy and coming back for more.


This next step is of great benefit to the success of your product release. Beta tests are a great opportunity to test and optimize marketing strategy effectiveness and optimization.  Besides testing your strategy, you can use beta tests to solicit early reviews and testimonials from your beta testers for your product launch. Engaging your beta testers can also turn them into “betavangelists” – like how we did that?  Ok, you can turn then into evangelists, because who better to promote your product than someone who has already engaged with it?

Customer Support

One of the biggest annoyances to a user is to engage with a new release, have a problem, and there are no FAQs or knowledgeable people to speak with who actually know enough about the product to help customers. Beta testing can provide your customer support team with a knowledge base identifying common issues users face, and their solutions. The customer support team can then use this knowledge to prepare FAQs so that users can find answers quickly and on their own.

How Can The Beta Plan Help With Your New Release?

As a client-driven rating system, The Beta Plan provides publishers with the high quality, product-improving feedback publishers and developers need to improve application experience. Testers are qualified by The Beta Plan, and rated by publishers based upon the quality, efficacy, and overall contribution of their feedback to improving applications.  The team behind “The Beta Plan” has developed technology for leading retailers and fortune 500 companies, and countless success stories. You should be next. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and provide solutions for a successful release.

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